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President Xia Haijun Attended the Activity of "Appreciation Tour of China Top Villas in Guangzhou" and Made an Important Speech

 Date:2010.09.29   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On September 28, the "Appreciation Tour of China Top Villas in Guangzhou" was grandly held in Guangzhou Evergrande Royal Scenic Peninsula. Dr. Xia Haijun, Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Evergrande Group, attended the activity with the theme of "Evergrande Palace II: The Peakedness of Villas Showing Honorably", and interpreted Evergrande's standard and concept of creating China top villas.

At the activity, President Xia Haijun firstly extended his warm welcome to the visiting groups, and then introduced Evergrande's development history, impressive performance, product quality, Palace value and future as well as the development and the long-term strategic layout of Evergrande Group in Jilin Province. President Xia made deep analysis on the site selection, planning, gardening and decoration of Jilin Evergrande Palace - the first top villa project in the Northeast, "We have three considerations on the selection of the villa's site: firstly, it should not be too far away from the urban center; secondly, it should enjoy very good natural landscape; thirdly, there should not be any large highway  or other noisy factors nearby."

In addition, many internationally-known architects, gardeners, interior designers and master of Chinese culture were invited to make authoritative and professional interpretations on the product planning, garden landscape, decoration and design of the new Palace.

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