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Evergrande’s Released Performance of September Fulfilling Nearly 90% of Year Target

 Date:2010.10.11   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On October 11, Evergrande released its sales presentation of September in Hong Kong.  According to the presentation, in September, Evergrande continued to maintain an excellent momentum of sales, and set a new record again with monthly sales of 5.1 billion yuan.  As of the first 9 months of the year, the Group has accumulatively brought in a contracted sales amount of 35.6 billion yuan, completing 89% of the annual contracted sales target - 40billion yuan, which is 117.5% of the 2009 annual contracted sales amount - 30.3 billion yuan.

It is learnt that, thanks to the forward-looking strategic layout, positive and flexible marketing strategies as well as the cost-effective products welcomed by the market, the Group achieved a great leap forward from the sales amount of 3.48 billion yuan in January to the sales amount of 5.1 billion yuan in September in the sluggish market.  At the same time, given that the first seven months had completed 65.2% of the annual contracted sales target, the Group initiatively adjusted the sales tempo of August and September.  Under the tightly controlled market conditions in September, the Group’s monthly sales turnover still reached a new high in the year.

According to analysis, Evergrande’s continued good sales performance has once again proven the Company's team execution and its tremendous growth potential.  With this trend of development, there is almost no suspense that in October Evergrande will complete the annual sales target ahead of other real estate enterprises.

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