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Mr. Wang Rulin, Governor of Jilin Province, met Mr. Hui, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evergrande, which expands rapidly in the northeast

 Date:2010.10.22   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On Oct. 21, Mr. Hui Ka Yan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evergrande Real Estate Group (3333 HK), a leading enterprise in the real estate industry of China, made the on-the-spot investigation on a relevant project in Changchun, Jilin Province. On that day, Mr. Wang Rulin, Governor of Jilin Province, Mr. Wang Yunxiu, Secretary General of Jilin provincial government, Mr. Liu Qing, the head of the Construction Department, Mr. Wang Xuezhan, Vice-mayor of Changchun City, and other relevant leaders of the provincial and municipal governments met the delegation led by Mr. Hui Ka Yan in Changchun South Lake Hotel. Mr. Gao Guangbin, Member of the Standing Party Committee of Jilin Province and Secretary of Changchun Municipal Party Committee, Mr. Cui Jie, the mayor, and Mr. Wang Xuezhan, the vice mayor, listened to the introduction to conditions of the relevant project made by the responsible person of Evergrande Group. Mr. Wang Rulin said, “The first project of Evergrande in Changchun has achieved success with good market response. Developers with strength such as Evergrande are welcomed to participate in the economic construction of Jilin for promoting the urban construction of Changchun”.

Governor Wang Rulin of Jinlin Province met Professor Hui Ka Yan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evergrande

Mr. Hui Ka Yan said, “The development of JiLin Province in recent years is quite rapid and the construction of the old industrial base in the northeast is highly effective. There are never-ending changes and improvement in the urban construction of Changchun as the capital of the province and an important heavy industrial base with great development potential. Along with the successful development of the first project of Evergrande in Changchun, Evergrande is full of confidence for the future development in Changchun. Evergrande will further strengthen and widen the investment in Changchun, conform to the government’s requirements on the supporting orientation of urban function, promote the urbanization process and economic development of Changchun with a lot of high-quality landmark projects, and make contributions to the local people’s livelihood project”.

Chairman Hui introduced the Group information to Party Secretary Gao Guangbin and Mayor Cui Jie of Changchun City

It is learned that Evergrande which commits itself to the real estate for people’s livelihood is a large-scale real estate enterprise which participated in the real estate market development of the northeast at a relatively early stage. In as early as 2006, Evergrande invested in the development of several projects such as Evergrande Oasis and Evergrande City in Shenyang, which were extensively acknowledged by local house purchasers. On Oct. 16, the first high-quality project of Evergrande in Changchun, Changchun Evergrande Oasis, was magnificently launched to the market in the high-tech zone of Changchun. The standardized high-quality products which are quasi-available residences with exquisite decoration and gardens are warmly welcomed by local purchasers. On the day of launching, the sales record of the local real estate market was updated. The project areas of Evergrande have been extended to the northeast.

Mayor Cuijie of Changchun City and Chairman Hui of Evergrande had an informal discussion

The reporter learns that this is the second time that the delegation led by Mr. Hui Ka Yan makes deep investigation on Changchun after the investigation for Changchun Evergrande Oasis. Accompanied by relevant leaders of the provincial and municipal governments, Mr. Hui Ka Yan investigated the development of and construction in relevant plots, and said he hoped that the investment in Changchun could be strengthened.

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