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President Xia Haijun Attended the Annual Investors’Conference of Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch

 Date:2010.11.05   Publisher:Evergrande Group

Delivering a Theme Speech for Thousands of World Top-level Investors in the Investors’Conference, and Introducing the “Evergrande Mode” to the World

On Nov. 1-5, 2010, Dr. Xia Haijun, Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Evergrande Real Estate Group, Xie Huihua, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, Lai Lixin, Executive Director and Vice President, and Fang Jiajun, Vice President and Secretary of the Company were present at the annual investors’ conference of Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch in Beijing. In the investors’ conference on Nov. 1, President Xia delivered a theme speech named “Focusing on China, Focusing on Evergrande” to thousands of investors from different countries and participated in dozens of investors’ meetings consecutively. Through the bi-directional interaction with more than 50 top-level investors of the world, the relation with investors was further strengthened, and the “Evergrande mode” was introduced to the world.

In the theme speech, President Xia introduced in detail the competition advantages, operation conditions, and the most updated operation performance and target of the Company to thousands of top-level investors from more than 50 countries and regions. The advantage of large scale, speedy development mode, management team with rich experience, and good financial conditions and profit-making prospective of Evergrande were extensively praised by investors.

President Xia delivered a theme speech named “Focusing on China, Focusing on Evergrande”

In the four days afterwards, the management team of Evergrande also carried out bilateral and multilateral exchange with about a hundred world famous investment institutions such as Wellington Mgmt. Co. LLP, Fidelity Invs, GIC, Morgan Stanley Group Inc, Seatown Holdings International, Sloane Robinson LLP, Baring Asset Management, Nomura Principle Investment Asia Limited, Goldman Sachs Investment Partners, BNP Paribas, further stating the competition advantage, investment highlight, and profit-making prospective of Evergrande, thus further strengthening the investors’ confidence on the development mode and profit-making prospective of the Company.

President Xia communicated with Leung Pak to Francis, titled "Hong Kong A. Home for China Equity1"

What is worth mentioning is that at the same time of continued deep interaction and exchange, several investment banks released research reports in successive with a good opinion on Evergrande. Among them, CityBank holds the opinion that Evergrande Real Estate is one of the first choices of real estate shares of Mainland China and the target price is 5.13 yuan; Goldman Sachs gives Evergrande the Buy rating in the 2011 prospect report and the target price is determined to be 5.08 HKD; Deutsche Bank estimates that the share price of Evergrande will be 5.00 HKD in the research report and regards it as one of the first choices of real estate shares of Mainland China.

The firm confidence of the investment banks on Evergrande consolidates the market expectation on rise of share price of Evergrande. In recent days, the share price of Evergrande has been rising all the way from about 3.2 yuan to 3.8 yuan on Nov. 4 with the accumulated increase rate up to 18.8%, and has ranked the front in the list of increase rates of Hong Kong stocks in the category of real estate for several days.

This Investors’ Annual Conference is composed of investors’ conferences of two investment banks, namely, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, in various forms such as general conference, meeting with investors, and multilateral discussion. Hundreds of institutions from different countries such as Wellington Mgmt. Co. LLP, Fidelity Invs, GIC, Morgan Stanley Group Inc, Seatown Holdings International participated in the conference. The annual conference in Beijing is the world top-level investment feast, and an important exchange platform, cooperation platform, and investment promoting platform for Chinese enterprises to be internationalized and extensively exchange with partners in global capital market. For Evergrande, the Investors’ Annual Conference in Beijing is another important grand meeting for Evergrande to implement international cooperation, improve the popularity of the Company in the world after the recent activity of “Journey of China Real Estate” of the Bank of China, Goldman Sachs, Swiss Suisse, and Merrill Lynch. Evergrande has been paying high attention to the relation with investors and has devoted itself to building the bi-directional interactive relation with investors. Especially after being listed, the Company has been regularly releasing monthly performance announcements and carried out global road show activities for promotion for several times. Through this grand meeting, Evergrande has further enriched and developed the content of relation with investors, taking this opportunity to introduce the Evergrande Mode to the world. 

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