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Chen Zhenggao, Governor of Liaoning Province, met Chairman Hui

 Date:2010.11.18   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On Nov. 17, Professor Hui, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evergrande Group, led the top management of the Group to make an on-the-spot investigation on the relevant projects in Shenyang. Provincial and municipal leaders such as Chen Zhenggao, Governor of Liaoning Province, Wang Jindi, Head of Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Liaoning Province, and Chen Haibo, Mayor of Shenyang City, received the group of Hui Ka Yan in Shenyang Friendship Hotel. Both sides made comprehensive and deep-going exchange on the investment of the Group in Liaoning.

In recent years, the development momentum of the economic society in Liaoning Province has been powerful. Especially along with the further implementation of the strategy of re-energizing the Northeast by the central government, the development of the economic society of Liaoning has become quite fast, thus attracting a batch of famous domestic and foreign enterprises with Evergrande Group as the representative to develop in the province. At present, the development of Evergrande Group as a leading enterprise in the real estate industry of the country is swift. The powerful strength and the unique advantages of scale operation and rapid development of Evergrande are very competitive. The quality of the residential buildings developed by Evergrande in Shenyang is obvious to all. They have set up the example of high-quality real estate for the local real estate market.

In the meeting, representing the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, Governor Chen Zhenggao extended welcome to the group of Hui Ka Yan visiting Liaoning for investigation, and praised the important contribution of Evergrande Group for the development of Liaoning economy. He hoped that Evergrande could further seize the opportunity, actively participate in the urban construction of Liaoniang, and further strengthen the cooperation with Liaoning provincial government.

Chairman Hui introduced the recent development performance and the conditions of project construction in Shenyang of Evergrande to Governor Chen Zhenggao, and expressed gratitude for the powerful support of provincial and municipal leaders at different levels for the projects of Evergrande. In addition, Chairman Hui had a very good opinion of the investment prospect of Liaoning in the future. Chairman Hui said, “The development of Liaoning is changing quickly at present. The urban planning has been constantly strengthened and the construction of infrastructure has been comprehensively promoted. With the good investment environment, the cooperation mechanism for win-win situation, and the extensive development potential, it has become a hot spot for investment and establishment of enterprises. Evergrande has full confidence in the further investment in Shenyang”.

In the afternoon on that day, accompanied by the leaders of the local government, Chairman Hui also made an on-the-spot investigation on the Xujiatun project.

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