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Evergrande Held the 2011 Material & Equipment Bidding Meeting, where President Xia Haijun Made an Important Speech

 Date:2010.11.30   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On Nov. 30, 2010, the 2011 Material & Equipment Bidding Meeting of Evergrande Real Estate Group was ceremoniously held in Guangzhou Evergrande Hotel. More than two hundred material and equipment suppliers from all over the world gathered in Guangzhou and actively participated in the annual bidding on provision of materials and equipment to Evergrande. Present at the bidding meeting were Dr. Xia Haijun, Vice-chairman of  Board of Directors and President of the Group, Xu Wen, Vice-president and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evergrande Material & Equipment Co., Ltd., a Lin Manjun, Vice-president and General Manager of the Tender Center, and other leaders of the Group.

In the meeting, President Xia Haijun made an important speech. In addition to introducing the development course and resplendent development achievements of Evergrande, President Xia also thoroughly set forth the management and operation mode and the strategic cooperation mode of Evergrande.

President Xia said, “Through the development of fourteen years, Evergrande has become a well-deserved leading real estate enterprise which ranks among top 5 in China. It ranks No. 1 in aspects such as the sales area, the construction area, and the land reserve. As the only leading enterprise which comprehensively implements refined decoration, Evergrande has established the extensive strategic alliance and has effectively controlled our management and control mode through standardized operation and intensified management so as to ensure the implementation of the boutique strategy.”

As for the strategic cooperation, President Xia said, “Evergrande advocates and insists on the idea of public transactions with the following characteristics: simple cooperation mode, long cooperation time, and prompt payment. This is the basis for the cooperation between material suppliers and Evergrande”.

Along with the leap-forward high-speed development of Evergrande, Evergrande hopes that more enterprises with strength could participate in the strategic alliance to seek development together with Evergrande and jointly make efforts in building properties for people's livelihood, so as to meet the demand of common people for boutique residences of high cost-effectiveness.

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