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Evergrande was Name the Second Place of Top 500 China Real Estate Enterprises, and President Xia Haijun Attended the Summit and Made the Key-note Speech

 Date:2011.03.23   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On March 23, 2011, the Top 500 China Real Estate Enterprises Assessment Result Presentation and Top 500 Summit was held in Beijing. The activity was jointly sponsored by China Real Estate Research Association, China Real Estate Industry Association and China Real Estate Assessment Center to fully reflect the comprehensive strength of the enterprises from 7 aspects, 19 second-class indexes and 35 third-class indexes, which is one of the industrial assessment activities with the most authority and influence in the country.

As a leader of standardized high-quality real estate industry in China, Evergrande ranked the second place in this ranking of top 500, jointly leading the real estate enterprises throughout the country with Vanke, and becoming the most powerful competitor of the industrial leader. Dr. Xia Haijun, Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors and President of the Group, was invited to attend the Summit, and made the key-note speech with the title of “the Doctrine of Development of Properties for the People’s Livelihood” as the first guest speaker.

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