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Evergrande Landscape Group Won the Great Gold Award of Excellent Landscaping Engineering Prize

 Date:2011.11.15   Publisher:Evergrande Group

Recently, in the excellent landscape engineering appraisal sponsored by Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, the projects of Qingxin Evergrande Splendor and Xi’an Evergrande Oasis won the great gold award and the gold award of “Excellent Landscaping Engineering” respectively. Meanwhile, in the excellent landscape enterprise appraisal sponsored by Guangdong Provincial Society of Landscape Architecture, Evergrande Landscape Group won the title of 2009-2010 “Top 20 Excellent Landscape Enterprises in Guangdong Province”.

As authoritative awards in the national landscape architecture industry, the excellent landscape engineering appraisal was sponsored by Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture. The number of enterprises participating in this appraisal and the large scale of the selected projects so much outperformed previous appraisals. In the on-the-spot review of Evergrande’s projects, the expert group fully affirmed the achievements of Evergrande Group in the aspects of capital, talent and management, and thought highly of the “great green quantity, high green quality and pure nature” plant landscape means and the overall landscape effect of Evergrande’s projects.

Evergrande Group always adheres to the concept of high-quality products, and reflects the awareness of high-quality products from details. In the recent more than three years, Evergrande Landscape has focused on the management, and persisted in the business operation thought of “promoting development by evaluation, promoting improvement by evaluation and promoting excellence by evaluation”, so as to actively create high-quality community gardens, constantly meet the high-quality needs of the general public, and drive the comprehensive improvement of the landscape industry.

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