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Chairman Hui Ka Yan Made an On-the-spot Investigation in Heilongjiang, and Two Strategic Cooperation Agreements were Signed By and Between Evergrande and Harbin Municipality

 Date:2012.01.21   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On January 19, the delegation led by Professor Hui Ka Yan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evergrande Group, went to Harbin Municipality again to make an on-the-spot investigation for investment. Wang Xiankui, Deputy Secretary of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Heilongjiang Province, graciously received the delegation led by Professor Hui Ka Yan, and personally accompanied the delegation members to visit and make an on-the-spot investigation on several projects with extreme development potential in Harbin Municipality. On that day, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed by and between Evergrande Group and Harbin Municipal Government. Song Xibin, Secretary of Harbin Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Harbin Municipality, and other leaders of Harbin Municipality participated in the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Evergrande and Harbin Municipality.

According to the agreement, Evergrande Group will invest RMB 15 billion yuan to build a tourism complex with the largest scale, the highest level and the world top level presently in China in the Western District of Sun Island. In addition, Evergrande Group will also make comprehensive reform on the region of Baqu Stadium, so as to enable the first sports region of Harbin to restore its glories. Chairman Hui Ka Yan attended the Signing Ceremony of the Super-large-scale Tourism Complex Development Project in the Western District of Sun Island & Baqu Stadium Reform Project of Evergrande Group. The relevant leaders of Harbin Municipality met the delegation led by Chairman Hui Ka Yan, and jointly witnessed the whole process of signing.

At the signing ceremony, Chairman Hui Ka Yan said, after the multiple on-the-spot investigations in Harbin, Evergrande Group had fully understood the economic and social situations of Harbin, with full confidence in the investment prospect of Harbin.

Lin Duo, Secretary of Harbin Municipal Party Committee said, the Harbin Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government would spare no pains to create good conditions for the construction and reform of Evergrande in Harbin.

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