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Chairman Hui Ka Yan Met the Delegation Led by Zhang Jingchuan, Secretary of Mudanjiang Municipal Party Committee of Heilongjiang Province

 Date:2012.02.14   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On February 11, Zhang Jingchuan, Secretary of Mudanjiang Municipal Party Committee of Heilongjiang Province, and other leaders arrived at Evergrande Group for an on-the-spot investigation. Professor Hui Ka Yan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evergrande Group, met the visiting delegation led by Secretary Zhang Jingchuan.


During the meeting, Professor Hui Ka Yan firstly expressed his warm welcome to the visiting of the delegation led by Secretary Zhang Jingchuan, and especially focused on the strength of Evergrande in the development of cultural tourism complex as well as the investment of Evergrande in Heilongjiang Province. According to Chairman Hui Ka Yan, in the future, Evergrande Group will further increase the investment strength in Heilongjiang, and pay more attention to the construction investment in Mudanjiang Municipality, making greater contributions to the urban construction and economic development of Mudanjiang Municipality.

Secretary Zhang Jingchuan thought highly of the outstanding achievements of Evergrande in the recent period, and introduced the location advantages and development prospects of Mudanjiang Municipality in detail. In addition, he hoped that Evergrande could seize on the immeasurable development potential of Mudanjiang Municipality in the future, and continuously invest in Mudanjiang Municipality to drive the long-term development of the local economy.

During the visiting, accompanied by Vice President Shi Shouming, Chairman of Harbin Branch Jiao Chong and other leaders of the Group, the delegation led by Secretary Zhang Jingchuan visited the Exhibition Hall of Evergrande Group and the Project of Guangzhou Evergrande Royal Scenic Peninsula, and thought highly of the product quality of Evergrande, hoping that Evergrande would create more high-quality products for the people of Mudanjiang Municipality.

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