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Professor Hui Ka Yan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Went to Hainan Province for On-the-spot Investigation, Cordially Received by Jiang Dingzhi, Governor of Hainan Province, and Other Leaders

 Date:2012.02.28   Publisher:Evergrande Group

From February 25 to 26, the delegation led by Professor Hui Ka Yan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evergrande Group, went to Hainan Province for investment investigation. Jiang Dingzhi, Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Hainan, and other provincial and municipal leaders met the delegation led by Professor Xu. The both parties had wide discussion and communication on Evergrande Group’s further expansion of investment in Hainan, the acceleration of project construction and industrial development as well as the related cooperation affairs.

During the meeting, according to Governor Jiang Dingzhi, as a leading real estate enterprise in China, Evergrande Group has rapid development and solid comprehensive strength, especially rich experience in large project operation as well as sustainable real estate development mode, which are very consistent with the planning goal of Hainan to build an international tourist destination. He hoped that Evergrande Group would increase the investment strength in Hainan, and give play to the advantages in capital, technology and management, making greater contributions to the establishment of a global enterprise green environment and the creation of high-end value territory of Hainan International Tourist Destination.

According to Professor Hui Ka Yan, as the largest special economic zone and the sole tropical island province in China, Hainan has unique and world-class high-quality tourism resources. In particular, in recent years, the construction of Hainan International Tourist Destination has become a national strategy, and above all, Hainan has infinite development potential. Evergrande Group attaches importance to the industrial development in Hainan, with full confidence in the future development of Hainan.

The professionals in the industry hold the opinion that the cultural tourism complex mode of Evergrande is very suitable for the construction planning direction of Hainan International Tourist Destination. The international top-level cultural tourism complex built in Hainan with huge investment of Evergrande will become a new benchmark of Chinese tourism complex development as well as a booster to improve the urban landscape of Hainan and to promote the sustainable development of the International Tourist Destination.

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