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Evergrande Won the Grand Prize of Millions of Marketing Area and Took the National Marketing Area Champion For Three Years- Liu Zhifeng, President of China Real Estate Gave Prize to Xia Haijun, Presid

 Date:2012.03.23   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On March 21, the top 500 assessment result presentation and the top 500 summit meeting in Chain real estate in 2012 hosted by three organizations of the Chain real estate research society, the China real estate association and the Chain real state assessment center in a combined manner was held in Beijing. Evergrande Group took the national marketing area champion for three years and was awarded ‘the prize of millions of marketing area’, and Liu Zhifeng, CPPCC standing committee member, original vice minister of the MOC, deputy secretary of Party Committee, president of Chain real estate research society and president of the China real estate association issued the prize of millions of marketing area to Xia Haijun, vice chairman and the CEO of the board of directors of Evergrande Group. In the variety of lists, Vanke and Evergrande Group had equal shares and were the front-runners in the China real estate industry.

The report showed that: the enterprise occupied market with high-cost-performance qualified products by controlling cost and adopting the ‘fast in and out’ mode for improving efficiency in the specific environment of tight credit and high capital cost in 2011, and larger living space was gained. From the assessment list, the leading enterprise basically implemented the strategy. Since 2009, the large inland real estate enterprises have been larger and stronger, and the market concentration at the interior of the industry was increased continuously. In the future, the developing situation of leading enterprise such as Evergrande and the like will make a great difference on the integral competition state of the real estate enterprises.

According to industry analysis, Evergrande cannot boom in the recent years without the outstanding advantages such as the advancing layout of second/third class cities, high-cost-performance product meeting the rigid requirements, marketing strategy conforming to the market and the policy, and the like, and the tightly-knit collectivize management mode and super-strong executive force ensure that Evergrande can widen business scale rapidly while the core profit is increasing.

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