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Top 500 Ranking of China Real Estate Was Newly Issued, and Evergrande Retained to Be at the Second place and Kept Leading the Real Estate Market

 Date:2012.03.23   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On March 21, the top 500 assessment report in Chain real estate developing enterprises hosted by three organizations of the Chain real estate research society, the China real estate association and the Chain real state assessment center in a combined manner was held in Beijing.

The report showed that Vanke and Evergrande hung on to the first place and the second place respectively in comprehensive strength in the Chain real estate, and were the top-runners in the national market. In addition, Evergrande gained millions of marketing area prize, and the Vanke gained billions of marketing area prize in the annular enterprise prize presentation. In the variety of the lists, the Vanke and Evergrande almost occupied the first and second places.

Data displayed that all kinds of key indexes of Evergrande was increased by 46 times on average only for six years, wherein the sales amount was increased by 38 times, and the marketing area was increased by 29 times. The sudden rising of Evergrande has been admitted by the national authority evaluating organizations for the recent years. The report showed that in the list, Evergrande ranked the first on ‘top 10 at running efficiency’ with the annual 114.8% sales target, and took the champion successively in ‘top 10 at city covering’ with real estate items in more than one hundred of cities; and in the list of ‘top 10 at operating performance’ and ‘top 10 of steady operating’, Evergrande ranked the second with 80390 millions annular sale performance and almost 30000 millions of cash balance all over the year.

Industry analysts pointed out that: as the leading real estate enterprises, the Vanke and Evergrande were expert in standardized operation and high-turnover mode of fast developing and fast marketing. Particularly, Evergrande cannot boom in the recent years without the outstanding advantages such as the advancing layout of second/third class cities, high-cost-performance product meeting the requirements, marketing strategy conforming to the market and the policy, and the like, and the tightly-knit collectivize management mode and super-strong executive force ensure that Evergrande can widen business scale rapidly while the core profit is increasing.

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