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Top 10 Lists in Chain Real Estate Is Issued, Evergrande Ranked the Second

 Date:2012.03.25   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On March 23, the research team consisting of Enterprise Institute of Development Research Center of the State Council, Tsinghua University real estate Institute and China Index Academy issued top 10 lists at comprehensive strength in the Chain real estate in 2012 in Beijing, simultaneously the report of ‘research on hundred enterprise in Chain real estate’ is released newly, and the report has been carried out for 9 consecutive years since 2004, and relevant research result has become important standard of judging the business capacity and industry state in the real estate enterprises.

In the ranking of ‘top 10 at comprehensive strength, Vanke and Evergrande respectively ranked the first and the second. It is noteworthy that the number second and number three in the former days are changed, and Evergrande beats Zhong Hai Real Estate and Poly Real Estate, closely following up Vanke, and becomes strongest contender in the leading industry. In various list, Vanke and Evergrande have equal shares. Evergrande gains two first places and four second places in the lists, namely, first ranking of ‘growth top 10’ and ‘operating efficiency top 10’, and second ranking of ‘scale top 10’, profitability top10, financing capacity top 10 and community responsibility top 10’.

According to the insiders, Evergrande has advancing strategy layout, high-turnover operating mode, specific product positioning, high-cost-performance product and the like, outperformed sales purpose for the three consecutive years since its listing in 2009, and took the national marketing area champion for the continuous three years, and to be a real estate enterprise which covers the most provincial capital cities in China and have largest building area, Evergrande has the operating efficiency, the growth, the scale and profitability fully admitted by the insiders.

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