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Evergrande Group Launched Global Road Show, Outstanding Achievements Are Adored Again

 Date:2012.04.09   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On March 29, Evergrande Group launched its global road show in Hong Kong. And in several days, the road show teams, respectively led by Professor Xu Jiayin, chairman of the board of directors, and Doctor Xia Haijun, vice-chairman of the board of directors and president, travelled five international metropolises including Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Boston and Los Angeles, and had deep communication with hundreds of investors in global well-known institutions.

On the first day of the road show, the shares of Evergrande Group rose while the global stock market is slumped in general and the range of price drop of Hang Seng Index in full time reaches 1.32% and the range of price drop of Shanghai Index reaches 1.43% in full time. Simultaneously, analysts of main banks such as Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, UBS, Morgan and so on rated the shares of Evergrande Group as ‘being worth buying’, ‘being worth adding’ or ‘winning the wide stock market’, and the shares of Evergrande Group have been the only inland real estate shares praised by the analysts of main banks.

Analyst experts thought when the economic conditions at home and abroad were noncommittal, Evergrande Group won the praise of the analysts of international main banks, and this had fully proven the unanimous ratification of global strategy shareholders and numerous investors on the strategy and management mode, the first-rate talent teams, the remarkable development achievements, the abundant company strength and the strong growth potential of Evergrande Group.

Since it was listed in 2009, Evergrande Group has created positive returns for investors by its outstanding achievements, and in 2011, it shocked the industry again by its remarkable achievements. According to its annual report, the yearly turnover is increased by 35.2% year on year and is up to 61.92 billion yuan to be in the first place in Hong Kong inland real estate enterprises; the net margin is increased by 46.9% year on year and is up to 11.78 billion yuan to be the second leading real estate enterprise with the net margin more than tens of billion in the nation; and simultaneously, as its products are pursued in the market, the sales of 80.39 billion of the Group ranks the first in the Hong Kong inland real estate enterprises, and the sales areas of 12.199 million of the Group ranks the first in the nation. In addition, Evergrande Group ranks the first in the indexes of areas in construction, number of cities with entrance, annual target completing rate, brand value and the like.

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