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China’s Top 100 Listed Real Estate Companies issued, Evergrande ranking second

 Date:2012.05.24   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On May 22, the conference of evaluation result for 2012 China Listed Real Estate Companies & Investment and Financing Summit of Real Estates was held in Shanghai Global Financial Center.  At the conference, China Real Estate Research, Chinese Real Estate Association and the China Real Estate Assessment Center  jointly issued the "2012 China listed real estate companies evaluation study” and the top 100 listed real estate companies by comprehensive strength in 2012. Among them, Vanke and Evergrande continued their leading positions. With China Overseas in the third position and Poly in the fourth, the hegemony pattern of Vanke and Evergrande has formed in China’s real estate industry, and the new “Four Kings” position in the industry has gradually become stable.

The new “Four Kings” have shown strong growth in recent years.Taking Evergrande as an example, the data show that in the past six years all of its key economic indicators have seen an average increase of 46 times, among them, the sales amount increased by 38 tines, the area sold by 29 times and turnover by 49 times. With such achievements, Evergrande jumped to top one in the sub-list of Top 5 Rapid Development; and with 80.39 billion yuan of sales in 2011 and 30 billion yuan cash balance at the end of year, Evergrande won the honor of top one in the sub-list of Top 5 Best Performance, with a couple of indicators exceeding or catching up with the leader-Vanke.

The evaluation report stated that, in the ever-strict macroeconomic regulation and control, the challenging market and financial conditions exacerbate the differentiation of real estate business, further highlighting the competitive advantages of the listed companies which become the backbone of industry.  In the specific circumstances of tight credit and high cost of capital in 2011, high turnover has become the target of the listed real estate companies. The high-turnover companies, represented by Evergrande, showed great vitality in the severe test, achieving sustainable and stable development.

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