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According to the 2012 Real Estate Enterprise Brand Value Assessment Report, the Brand Value of Evergrande was Increased to 24.86 Billion Yuan by 20%

 Date:2012.10.17   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On October 16, 2012, the news conference on the 2012 Chinese real estate enterprise brand value assessment results jointly sponsored by China Real Estate Institute, China Real Estate Association and China Real Estate Assessment Center was held in Beijing, where the 2012 Chinese Real Estate Enterprise Brand Value Assessment Report was released. The brand value of Evergrande was increased to 24.86 Billion Yuan by 18%. Before then, Evergrande had been rated by Development Institute of the State Council, Real Estate Institute of Tsinghua University and China Index Academy as the TOP10 championship in terms of brand value among Chinese real estate enterprises for three consecutive years, becoming the deserved brand king among the Chinese real estate enterprises.

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