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Evergrande Moves Headquarters to Zhujiang New Town Another Tycoon in Zhujiang New Town

 Date:2013.03.20   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On March 20, Evergrande, a real-estate tycoon, officially moved its headquarters to the Evergrande Center located in the core area of Guangzhou CBD, and held a simple but grand moving ceremony in that morning. Over 100 Chairmen from Evergrande’s global strategic cooperation units, HuiKaYan, Board Chairman of Evergrande Real Estate Group, Xia Haijun, Vice Board Chairman and President of Evergrande Real Estate Group, Li Gang, Vice Board Chairman and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, all senior officers above level of Executive Assistant, and over 1600 employees working in headquarters of Evergrande attended this ceremony.

                                            Ribbon- cutting by VIP for Evergrande's move into Evergrande Center


                                                Chairman of Evergrande Group-Hui Ka Yan invigorated the lion with eyes


                        Address by Dr. Xia Haijun-Vice chairman and president of Evergrande Group at the relocation ceremony

After Evergrande moved to the Evergrande Center located in Zhujiang New Town, more than ten large real estate enterprises have already moved its headquarters or regional headquarters in South China in such place, the CBD of Guangzhou.

The ceremony was very simple without any complicated activity except the lion dancing. According to the introduction of insider, the number of floors over-ground of Evergrande Center is 43, 23 of which are occupied by Evergrande itself, covering over 53,000 square meters.

Evergrande was ever awarded as the “Best Employer within China” and the “Best Employer for Students”, and after such move, the public also knew more about Evergrande’s attractive working conditions, that is, Evergrande has already prepared various material benefits and arranged activities to meet its employees’ demands in basic necessities of life as well as entertainment.


Evergrande Headquarters at Night

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