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Evergrande Continues to Rank No.1 within Domestic Real Estate Industry in 2013

 Date:2013.05.31   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On May 31, a Research Report on Top 10 of China’s Listed Real Estate Companies in 2013 was jointly released in Beijing by the “Research Group of Top 10 within China’s Real Estate Industry”. Evergrande continued to rank No.1 within Top 10 of China’s real estate companies listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange with the strongest comprehensive strength, and also ranked the No.1 of Top 10 enterprises with the most investment value again. One week ago, China Real Estate Research Institution, China Association of Real Estate Industry, and China Evaluation Center for Real Estate jointly released a list of Top 100 of China’s listed real estate companies with comprehensive strength, and Evergrande ranked within Top Three for consecutive three years, and ranked the first in the lists of development speed and operation performance for consecutive two years.

According to the report abovementioned, depending on the new type of urbanization construction, housing demand will keep strong, which will continue to support the real estate market for stable and fast development, and which will also become another opportunity for listed real estate companies to develop themselves, and the investment potential of leading listed companies with improved arrangement, diversified products, and mature development mode will also become more outstanding. As the expert analyze that the reason why Evergrande can rank the first in abovementioned research is that Evergrande can depend on the benefit of urbanization policy to prepare perspective national urban arrangement, orient its products with high cost performance to meet rigid demand, and fluctuate its sales strategy in line with market condition and policy requirements, which can help it to achieve its sales target in 2013, namely 100 billion yuan of sales amount.


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