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Evergrande Marching into Dalian to Consolidate Its Position of National No. 1 in Size

 Date:2013.06.08   Publisher:Evergrande Group

After it entered Fujian Province by landing in Fuzhou in October 2012, Evergrande launched its Dalian branch on June 5, 2013 to meet the needs of its strategic development and commit itself to the business expansion in the real estate field of the city. Evergrande’s presence in Dalian marks the deepening of its layout in Bohai Economic Rim and the further consolidation of its position of national No. 1.

It is learnt that, as the portal of Beijing and Tianjin, Dalian is one of the sea gateways that link the northeast, north China and east China with the other parts of the world and an important port as well as a city of trade, industry and tourism. With the development and opening of the coastal economic belt in Liaoning and the implementation of the national strategy for revitalization of the northeast, Dalian has got into a period of a new round of macro development. By leveraging the construction of a globalized city as carrier, the city is working hard to build an international shipping center, an international logistic center and a regional financial center in northeast Asia to accelerate the construction of a modern industrial zone and turn into a leader in the revitalization of Lianoning Province and even the northeast.

It is believed in the industry that, as one of the major portals for external contact in the northeast of China, Dalian has always been a place of strategic importance for large real estate enterprises. Evergrande’s entry into the city reflects the efforts it makes to deepen the layout in the tier-2 and tier-3 cities across the country and its persistence in entering such cities of development potentials to appropriately supplement the reserve of high-quality land, fully tap the advantages in urban resources and make great contributions to further enhancing the value and promoting the economic development of the city.

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