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Board Chairman Hui Ka Yan Accompanying Wang Gang on an Inspection Tour of Henan and Donating 5 Million Yuan to Support Henan Opera Theater

 Date:2013.06.24   Publisher:Evergrande Group

From June 22 to 23, Mr. Hui Ka Yan, member of CPPCC Standing Committee and board chairman of Evergrande Group, accompanied Wang Gang, former member of CPC Politburo, vice chairman of the 11th CPPCC and honorary president of China Association for Promotion of Henan Opera (“Association”), on an inspection tour of Henan. They attended the presentation ceremony of “Qingling Maple Leaf Award”, where Hui donated 5 million yuan on the spot to the Association to support the development of Henan opera culture in the Central Plains. During the tour, Chairman Hui was met by Guo Gengmao, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, and Xie Fuzhan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and governor of Henan Province.

On the evening of June 23, a party was held as part of the ceremony in the 1500m studio hall of Henan TV Station by China Traditional Culture Promotion Council, China Song Qing Ling International Fund Society, the Association and Henan TV Station.

Chairman Hui donating 5 million yuan to China Association for Promotion of Henan Opera on behalf of Evergrande Group

In the venue, Chairman Hui donated 5 million yuan to the Association on behalf of Evergrande Group, reflecting his great enthusiasm for the inheritance and prosperity of Henan opera and expressing his support for the cultural undertakings of the province through a practical act. Also present at the party were Ning Gaoning, board chairman of COFCO and advisor of the Association, and Dong Wenbiao, member of CPPCC Standing Committee and board chairman of China Minsheng Bank, who donated 2 million yuan respectively on behalf of their own enterprise.

It is reported that, to promote the prosperity and development of the natural cultural undertakings, Evergrande Group spent 850 million yuan establishing a cultural industrial group at the end of 2010, which is designed to become a company of its kind that is the largest in scale, strongest in professionalism and widest in influence at home, cover the entire industrial chain, explore the creativity-oriented expansion of traditional Chinese culture, boost the enhancement and popularization of the red culture of China and help more outcomes of Chinese culture go global and enjoy a fame in the world.

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