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Evergrande generously donated 20 million yuan to support the poverty alleviation efforts of Guangdong Province and won the gold award of the Kapok Award of Guangdong for Poverty Alleviation for 3 years running

 Date:2013.07.01   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On June 30, a ceremony was held in Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall to mark the onset of the “2013 Poverty Alleviation Day of Guangdong” activity. Present at the ceremony were Zhu Xiaodan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and governor of Guangdong Province, Xu Shaohua, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and executive vice governor of the province, Vice Governor Deng Haiguang, and Li Ronggen, member of the Party Group of the provincial government and deputy head of the provincial Leading Group of Poverty Alleviation and Development.

During the activity, Evergrande Group donated 20 million yuan as part of the generous support it offers to the poverty alleviation efforts of Guangdong. Since the debut of the activity in 2010, Evergrande has, through its actual deeds, continuously led the business community in taking part in such efforts. It is learnt that Evergrande donated 120 million yuan in 2010, 318 million yuan in 2011 and 350 million yuan in 2012 to the activity. In the recent four years, Evergrande has cumulatively donated over 800 million yuan to the activity alone, becoming one of the largest donators for the efforts of the province.

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