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Chairman Hui Attended the Monthly Conference and Made Important Instructions

 Date:2014.07.07   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On July 6, HuiKa Yan, Chairman of Evergrande attended and made instructions at the systematic monthly conference of Evergrande Group held in Evergrande Center with the involvements of Xia haijun, the Vice-chairman and President of Evergrande, leaders above the level of Assistant President, middle-level management of all centers and departments as well as management from regional corporations and subsidiaries.

Xia Haijun, President of Evergrande made announcement of the evaluation result of ten key performance standards in June at the conference and then HuiKa Yan, Chairman of the board, made instructions and disposition of four emphases of work in June.

The Efforts of Staff Contributed to Good First-half Performance of Evergrande

It was pointed out by President Xia that it was the joint efforts of the staff that contributed to the achievements of targets of the group in June. 

It was stated in the performance briefing of June that the contracted sales of Evergrande in June reached 13.1 billion yuan, exceeding 10 billion yuan for 4 months in a row with an incredible year-on-year growth of 25.8% while the contracted sales area reached 1.57 million m2 with the year-on-year growth of 10.2%. The accumulated contracted sales reached 69.32 billion yuan in the first half year with the year-on-year growth of 55.4%, breaking the record of half-year sales of Evergrande and making it the No. 1 mainland real estate developer in Hong Kong. Evergrande has completed 63% of its annual sales target of 11 billion yuan in first half year, topping the list of target competition rate in China. 

Comprehensive Achievement of Four Emphases of Work in July 

The remarkable first-half performance of Evergrande was commended by Chairman Hui, he also appreciated the dedications of the staff that allowed the group to peak in targets achievement in June and the first half year, and the record-breaking contracted sales in first half year. Chairman Hui made requests for cost control, hard working and thrift to the staff and hoped that they could keep moving on and realize the comprehensive achievement of four emphases of work in July. 

1. The emphasis on daily work should be implemented strictly. 

2. The financial management should be on focus and the management awareness should be improved. 

3. “Two Movements” are required to be further carried out. 

4. The cost control should be enhanced and spirits of hard working and thrift should be advocated throughout the group. Finally, Chairman Hui hoped that the staff of the group could continue to strive for the achievements of four emphases of work and the remarkable completion of all targets with the aim of breaking the records of all targets of the group in the next half year.

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