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Opening Ceremony of Tsinghua-Evergrande Research Institution in Guangzhou

 Date:2014.09.06   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On Sept. 5, 2014, the opening ceremony of Tsinghua-Evergrande Research Institution was held by Chen Jining, the Committee Member of the NPC Standing Committee and President of Tsinghua University and HuiKa Yan, the Standing Committee Member of CPPCC and Chairman of Evergrande Group in Guangzhou Evergrande Center.

The ceremony was attended by Jin Qinxian, Director of Tsinghai University President Office, Yang Bin, President Assistant of Tsinghua University, Xia Haijun, Vice-chairman and President of Evergrande, Tan Zhaohui, Executive Vice President of Evergrande, Xu Wen, Vice President of Evergrande and President of Evergrande Dairy Group, Yao Dong, Vice President of Evergrande and President of Evergrande Grain & Oil Group and Li Zhi, President Assistant of Evergrande and President of Evergrande Livestock Farming Group, etc..

President of Tsinghua University is Appointed Director of Management Committee

The newly-established Tsinghua-Evergrande Research Institution gains supports from many famous experts, for example, Chen Jining, President of Tsinghua University, takes up the post of Director of Management Committee of the institution, Jiang Shengyao, Vice President of Tsinghua University is appointed President of the institution and posts of Executive Vice President, Vice President, Director of Expert Committee and other key positions are taken up by 12 deans from colleges of Tsinghua University, among which there are several academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, covering fields of civil engineering, construction, construction, business administration, public administration, social science, energy, nature, environment and bio-chemistry, etc..

It was known that on Apr. 8th last year, Tsinghua University and Evergrande Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement upon which they would establish 10-year cooperation in strategic technical cooperation, talent cultivation and business operation.

Since then, Tsinghua University and Evergrande Group have been enhancing the interaction and implementing related projects one by one. On Sept. 4, HuiKa Yan, leading the executive team of Evergrande, had a 3-hour talk with Chen Jining and other members from Tsinghua University on cooperation in diversified industries Evergrande engaged in, including optimization of saline-alkali soil, the extraction of Vitamin E in further processing of agricultural products and other latest modern agricultural technologies.

“Booster” for Evergrande Diversification

The rapid development of Evergrande’s diversification was expected to continue. At the semiyearly conference on Aug. 2, HuiKa Yan announced diversified development strategy to the group for the first time, on Aug. 26, he announced to the world in Hong Kong that Evergrande would unswervingly maintain its diversified development and then on the next day, Evergrande Ari-Industries Group came along on the field of AFC Champions League. The opening ceremony of Evergrande Agri-Industries Group, Evergrande Dairy Group and Evergrande Livestock Farming Group as well as the National Ordering Fair of Evergrande Agri-Industries Group was held on Sept. 1, 2014 with 11.9 billion yuan worth of orders, setting a new records for the industry.

It was known that Tsinghua- Evergrande Research Institution would give one-on-one and full support to Evergrande Grain & Oil Group, Evergrande Dairy Group and Evergrande Livestock Farming Group throughout their industrializations and scale developments, enhancing the competiveness and profitability of Chinese agriculture.

It was said that Tsinghua-Evergrande Research Institution would be built into an industry-education-research platform with largest scale, highest standard and greatest strength in China and even around the world, furthering the 10-year strategic cooperation between Tsinghua University and Evergrande Group. Insiders believed that with the technology and top think tank of Tsinghua University, Evergrande would do better in diversified development and get close to its goal of being global top 500 enterprise in 2015.

Chen Jining (right in the front row), President of Tsinghua University, and Huika Yan(left in the front row), 

the Chairman of Evergrande Group held the opening ceremony together.

Guests from both sides were proposing a toast

Photos guests from both sides


Chen Jining (the second from the left), President of Tsinghua University, 

and his team were having a visit to the exhibition center of Evergrande

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