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The EVERGRANDE Brand Value Has up to RMB 29.186 Billion and Ranked “the First for Five Consecutive Times”

 Date:2014.09.20   Publisher:Evergrande Group

EVERGRANDE GROUP diversification by leaps and bounds, the brand value is created new height again. EVERGRANDE brand value obtained the high recognition on the two brands value lists of the most authoritative and influential which published these days. Its brand value continued its high growth momentum that showed by increase 3.6 times and up to RMB 29.186 billion. Then it won the champion of China top 10 real estate enterprises.

On September 17, 2014, China Real Estate Enterprise Brand Value Evaluation Research Report which published by China Real Estate Research Association, CHINESE REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION and the China Real Estate Appraisal showed that the brand value of EVERGRANDE is reach up to RMB 29.186 billion. Since it won the champion of China top 10 real estate enterprises with 8.16 billion brand values in 2010, the brand value of EVERGRANDE has increased 3.6 times in only 5 years.

On September 19, 2014 China Real Estate Brand Value of TOP10 Report which published by DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH CENTER OF THE STATE COUNCIL ENTERPRISE RESEARCH INSTITUTION, Tsinghua University Real Estate Research Institute and China Index Academy showed that EVERGRANDE has won the champion of China top 10 real estate enterprises for 5 consecutive years.

EVERGRANDE brand value continuously won the affirmation by the most authoritative and influential research institution of domestic real estate field. The experts said that it was profited by its creation on boutique residence, brightest performance, development patterns and its breakthrough in honest tax payment, sports activities, charity,public benefit.

EVERGRANDE has set more than 300 mega projects in more than 150 major cities on a nationwide scale. Up to August, 2014, the cumulative amount of sales contract is about RMB 90.1 billion which reached a growth of 40.4% over the same period last year and accomplished the 82% of annual contract sales target RMB 110 billion. The target completion was on the top of the industry. Total contract sales area is RMB 121.748 million square meters which increased 34.7% over the same period last year.

When creating values for the shareholder, providing boutique residences for people, EVERGRANDE fulfils its social responsibility actively. The first 8 months in 2014, it has taxed RMB 11.9 billion to our nation and RMB13.4 billion in 2013. The donation is more than RMB2.4 billion of all kinds of the charitable public welfare undertakings.

On June 5, GUANGZHOU EVERGRANDE FOOTBALL CLUB introduced 阿里巴巴 as a strategy partner by increasing capitals and shares. 阿里巴巴 become a shareholder of the club after increasing in capital and share by RMB1.2 billion and got 50% stock rights as well as EVERGRANDE. The two parties will promote the club be professionalism, marketization and sustainable development then waiting for a right time to realize the listing of the club.

EVERGRANDE has stepped into a strategy stage of “diversification+ scale+ brand”. Promote diversification in an all-round way and a successful layout of fast moving consumer goods, grain and oil, diary, sports and culture fields. Diversified development will accelerate the brand positive interaction of EVERGRANDE principle works and diversified industry and promote the EVERGRANDE brand value.

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