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GZE Sets A Record by Claiming 4th Straight CSL Title

 Date:2014.11.03   Publisher:Evergrande Group

2014 Chinese Football Association Super League (CSL) was concluded on Nov. 2nd and Guangzhou Evergrande (GZE) clinched the 2014 CSL title with 22 wins, 4 draws and 4 defeats in the season, making it the first team with 4 successive championships throughout the Chinese football league history. As the only team by far received all titles of professional football leagues in China, GZE again rewrites the history of Chinese football by gaining 8 titles in 4 years. 

Legend Writer with First 4 Straight CSL Tiles 

After the league, GZE not only adds itself the title of the first team with 4 straight championships in China football league history but also makes itself the team with most CSL titles by a record of 4 titles. GZE has written another legend for Chinese football since it got the first AFC title in China football history in 2013, extending its glory days as Evergrande Empire in football world. 

 In the 30 matches of the season, GZE has got 70 points and scored 76 goals in total, including 48 goal differences and the team's extraordinary strength could be found in both offense and defense. Elkeson scored 28 goals in CSL of this season and was awarded the CSL Golden Boot trophy for 2 years in a row, breaking the CSL goal record that had been kept for 8 years and turning himself into a veritably top scorer in CSL. 

GZE clinches 4 straight CSL titles

Elkeson is awarded CSL Golden Boot trophy for 2 successive years

All Leagues Titles Winner with 8 Titles in 4 Years 

GZE began its journey in CSL by a Kaiserslautern-alike miracle. GZE has clinched 8 titles over the last 4 years, including 4 CSL titles and another 4 titles respectively in CPL, CFA Cup, CFA Super Cup and the highest honor for Asian football, AFC Championship League where the team wrote a new page for Chinese football history, marking its dominant position in Asian football world and its honor as the only team by far gained all titles of professional football leagues in China. 

According to statistics, as of the 30th round of 2014 CSL, in its 4 CSL seasons, GZE has got 273 points in total and 68 points on average, won 83 games in total and 20.75 games on average with total winning ratio of 69.16%, lost 13 games in total and 3.25 games on average, scored 272 goals in total and 68 on average, conceded 99 goals in total and 24.75 goals on average with average conceded goal of games less than one. 

Players are celebrating the championship

Players are extending thanks to fans

Records Breaker Titled as “the Greatest Team over the Two Decades” 

A series of records in Chinese football have been broken by GZE over the last 4 years. For instance, GZE is the first club clinched top league title as a newly-promoted team in Chinese professional football history (in 2011), GZE is the record holder for most undefeated games in succession (23 games in 2011) and the first title defender in CSL (in 2012) as well as the best start creator in CSL (in 2013). GZE also maintained a series of other records, including the highest half-season points (41 points in 2013), highest points in a single season (77 points in 2013), most goals scored in top league (78 goals in 2013), most goal differences in top league (60 goal differences in 2013), the greatest points differences with runner-up (18 points in 2013), least defeated games record in a single season (1 defeated game only in 2013), most wins record in a single season (24 games in 2013), highest average points of games (2.57 points in 2013), the first football team with 4 straight titles in a top league (2014)and the team with most CSL titles(2014). 

According to the latest Football/Soccer Ranking List released by “footballdatabase”, a professional online football data statistics media, GZE, as the leading team in CSL, is ranked 1620th in the list and 1st among Asian teams, followed by Brazil CBF Fluminense Football Club, S.F.C and other internationally renowned football clubs. 

It was considered by sports commentator that over the 20 years of professional reform of Chinese football, no one was capable of competing with GZE in clinching 4 straight titles of top league. As a first football team with 4 successive titles, GZE was no doubt the greatest football team over the 20 years of professional reform of Chinese football.

The club is celebrating the championship in a simple way

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