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Evergrande Awarded "China Children's Charity Award" at 25th Anniversary Meeting of “Spring Bud Project”

 Date:2014.12.24   Publisher:Evergrande Group

A meeting was held on Dec. 23 to mark the 25th anniversary of the Spring Bud Project in the Great Hall of the People where individuals and organizations with great contributions to the Project over the last 25 years were awarded by the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) and the China Children and Teenagers' Foundation (CCTF), Evergrande was awarded “China’s Children Charity Award——Moving Spring Bud Project” at the meeting. 
Li Yuanchao, Member of CPC Central Committee Political Bureau and Vice Chairman of China met awarded representatives and delivered a speech at the meeting, President of ACWF, Shen Yueyue attended and addressed the meeting. The meeting was also attended by Chen Zhili, former Vice-Chairman of NPC Standing Committee, former Chairman of ACWF and former President of CCTF. 
Started by ACWF and CCTF in 1989, “Spring Bud Project” is an educational charity project aimed to help dropout girls or girls unable to be educated to return to school. As one of the most successful and influential charity projects to promote girls’ education in China, the Project has made great contributions to the development of Chinese basic education, implementation of gender equity policy, cultivation of outstanding female as well as harmony and stability of the society.  
Over the years, the Group has been undertaking the responsibility of a corporate citizen by showing great support to the charity cause. Evergrande has donated a total of RMB 2.4 billion to social charity cause with fields covering people’s livelihood, education, sports and culture, therefore, the Group was awarded “National Charity Award”, and given titles of “Best Corporate Citizen in China” and “Chinese Property Developer with Greatest Social Responsibility”, and the Board Chairman of the Group, HuiKa Yan was awarded “Chinese Charity Award” for six years in a row, the highest official award of Chinese charity.

Evergrande is awarded “China’s Children’s Charity Award”

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