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Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Reached between Evergrande and Haier

 Date:2014.12.30   Publisher:Evergrande Group

The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Evergrande and Haier was held on Dec. 30, Guangzhou, the strategic cooperation will focus on provision of material and equipment, construction of decoration engineering and support of financial service. Both Dr. Xia Haijun, Vice Chairman and President of Evergrande and Zhou Yunjie, Rotating President and Vice Board Chairman of Haier attended and addressed the ceremony. 

In accordance with the agreement, Haier shall be the key and strategic supplier of material and equipment of Evergrande, Evergrande shall be the key and strategic construction contractor of decoration engineering of Haier while Haier Finance Co., Ltd. and Haier Financial Services China Co., Ltd. shall be the financial support provider of both Groups. The amount for the strategic cooperation between the two Groups from 2015 and 2017 is expected to be RMB 30 billion. 

President Xia Haijun addresses the ceremony

President Zhou Junjie delivers a speech at the ceremony

The development of Evergrande could not be reached without supports of partners at home and abroad, and the Group has been establish cooperation with over 700 domestic and foreign corporations. As a leading and global large group, Haier has been maintaining close cooperation with Evergrande for years, the long-term and strategic cooperation covering three fields of the two Groups was signed on the day, which indicated the further cooperation of the Groups and developed a paragon for strategic cooperation between large Chinese groups, President Xia stated at the ceremony. 

President Zhou Yunjie of Haier also stated at the ceremony that Evergrande was also a globally-reputed group that has obtained outstanding performance and good social reputation, though Haier and Evergrande were groups of different industries, they has common pursuit for quality and innovation, and the cooperation would certainly expedite the development of both Groups and the cooperation was expected to be well achieved. 

The agreement is signed by representatives of the Groups

Leaders and guest present at the ceremony 

Executive Vice President of the Group, Xiao En, Vice Presidents of the Group, Lin Manjun, Xu Wen, Zhang Changqing, Xu Jianhua and Yu Weiqiao as well as the Vice President of Haier, Li Zhanguo attended the signing ceremony where the cooperation agreement was signed by Vice President of Evergrande, Yu Weiqiao and General Manager of Haier Home Furnishing Co., Ltd., Liu Chi on behalf of their Groups. 

President Xia Haijun and President of Haier, Zhou Yunjie had an in-depth talk before and signing ceremony, and Xia presented a gift to Haier in the name of Evergrande. 

Leaders and guest present at the ceremony 

President Xia Haijun presents a gift to Haier on behalf of Evergrande

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