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Evergrande Annual Sales Exceed ¥130b Up Over 30% YOY

 Date:2015.01.08   Publisher:Evergrande Group

According to the announcement made by Evergrande on Jan. 7, the Group’s annual sales of 2014 hit RMB 131.51 billion with a year-on-year growth of 31%, and the annual sales was of 119.6% of the targeted figure, allowing the Group to top the list of both annual sales and target accomplishment among domestic property developers, the annual sold area of the Group was up to 18,198,000m2 with an increase of 22.2% on a year-on-year basis.

The data revealed that the monthly sales of the Group exceeded RMB 10 billion for 8 months in 2014, allowing Evergrande to rank first in target accomplishment among domestic property developers throughout the year.

Evergrande announced its target sales of RMB 150 billion for 2015 on the same day, a figure has increased by RMB 40 billion, up 36.4%, compared with that of 2014, it was also the highest growth rate in target sales of the Group since its stock exchange listing. The impressive growth in sales allowed the management of the Group to be optimistic about the market in 2015, according to insider.

A steady increase in the target sales of Evergrande could be seen from 2009 to 2014 when the targets sales were RMB 30 billion, RMB 40 billion, RMB 70 billion, RMB 80 billion, RMB 100 billion and RMB 110 billion respectively. The Group has kept exceeding the target sales for 6 years since its stock exchange listing. The year of 2013 witnessed the Group’s exceeding of RMB 100 billion in annual sales, the annual sales even exceeded RMB 130 billion in 2014.

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