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Evergrande Continuously ranks the Second in 2015 Top 500 Chinese Real Estate Companies

 Date:2015.03.26   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On March 24th, 2015 China Top 500 Real Estate Developing Companies Evaluation Result Conference & Summit was held in Beijing. Evergrande was continuously listed at the second place of Top 10 Comprehensive Strength of Chinese Real Estate Developing Companies in five years, and listed at the first place in 5 sub-lists, making a record of taking the most first places in single index.

The summit, which has been held for 7 years continuously, was co-sponsored by China Real Estate Research Institute, China Real Estate Association and China Real Estate Assessment Center.

Evergrande’s sales volume in 2014 amounted to 131.51billion Yuan, with year-on-year growth of 31%, achieving continuous growth of sales performance in 6 years after listing; sales area of the whole year amounted to 18,198,000 square meters, with year-on-year growth of 22.2%; Evergrande fulfilled 119.6% of its annual goals , ranked the first place in China, and continuously occupied the first place of “Top 10 Comprehensive Development Enterprises” with its quick and stable development.

In the meantime, Evergrande continuously occupied the first places of “Top 10 in City Coverage”, “Top 10 of Tourism Real Estate”, “Top 10 in Innovation Ability” and “Top 10 of Responsible Real Estate” with more than 300 projects in more than 150 cities, and excellent performance in comprehensive development of cultural tourism, innovation of marketing financing, implementation of social responsibilities and so on.

The evaluation report indicated that concentration rate of real estate industry had been improving, the Matthew Effect had been strengthened increasingly and industrial consolidation had been speeded in 2014. Real Estate companies thought about transformation development more actively, one transformation was business ability improvement such as concentrating on real estate development to improve management ability, product competitive ability, brand advantage establishment and so on, the other was extending industrial chain and investing funds to new industries with higher profits. At the same time, combination of finance and real estate became an important tendency, and “internet thoughts” attracted public concern and was embed in many companies.
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