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Evergrande becomes sales champion with the sales volume of 61.1 billion in June & ranks first in the industry with equity sales of 229.2 billion in the first half this year

 Date:2017.07.04   Publisher:恒大集团

On July 3rd, China Evergrande (HK.03333)released the latest sales bulletin. According to the bulletin, Evergrande achieved the sales volume of 61.12 billion Yuan in June and became the sales champion of real estate enterprises in a single month, up 95% year-on-year and up 60% over the last month. In addition, the bulletin also showed that, Evergrande had redeemed all perpetual debts.

By the end of the first 6 months, Evergrande has achieved an accumulative sales volume of 244.09 billion Yuan, up 72% year-on-year, accomplishing 54% of the annual target of 450 billion Yuan. Of which, 32 new projects started construction in June only, becoming the main reason for its sales surge and winning the sales champion. In the first half this year, Evergrande has started construction of a total of 79 new projects,

According to the 2017 January-June real estate equity sales list issued by Ke Rui recently, Evergrande, with sales of 229.16 billion, ranks first in the industry, 24.06 billion and 32.78 billion more than Country Garden (2nd ranking) and Vanke (3rd ranking) respectively. “Contract-based sales volume is difficult to reflect the real sales of real estates, comparatively, the equity sales are more objective and comprehensive. Evergrande is expected to have more obvious profit growth in the next two years. “said Zhu Yiming, analyst of Ke Rui.

By the end of June, Evergrande has redeemed all perpetual debts. “Evergrande ever announced at the beginning of this year that it would repay 2/3 of the perpetual debts, all of which have been redeemed within half year, much more than expected. Interest payments will be substantially reduced. This alone will release more than ten billion of shareholders’ profits”, an industrial analyst said.

Since this year, Evergrande has successfully introduced two batch of strategic investment totaling 70 billion Yuan, reducing the net gearing sharply from 119.8% to 61.2%. In addition, by issuing low interest long-term US dollar debt, Evergrande continues to optimize its capital composition, and further opens up profit margins. Annual profits are expected to explode.

The insider estimates that even though the control tends to more strict, Evergrande continues to keep the sales brisk in the first half this year. and its cost-effective products have continued to receive welcome from the market. With the coming of the sales season in the second half this year, Evergrande will continue to strengthen promotion of projects and build more than 223 new projects. The sales in the second half year will surpass the first half substantially, making it greatly possible to break through the year’s 450 billion target and even over 500 billion.

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