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Evergrande Jumps to 338th of 2017 Fortune Global Top 500

 Date:2017.07.20   Publisher:恒大集团

On July 20th, the Fortune Global Top 500, the world's most authoritative list of corporate strength, was officially released. China Evergrande(HK.03333)was back on the list with $31.828 billion in operation income, ranking 338th in the Fortune Global Top 500, a substantial increase of 158 than last year, becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the top 500 ranking.

The insider believes that Evergrande, as a rare Chinese private enterprise on the list, the surge in its ranking is closely related to the rapid growth of its business performance. Since the foundation, Evergrande has been keeping rapid and stable growth. By 2016, the operating income has increased by nearly 40 times compared to that in 2009 when at the beginning of listing. Its total assets, sales volume, net profit and other core indicators have increased by over 21, 12 and 16 times respectively. Last year, Evergrande achieved the sales of 373.4 billion Yuan and became the No.1 in the real estate industry. According to the latest data, Evergrande realized sales of 244.09 billion Yuan in the first half of this year, making it greatly possible to accomplishing the annual sales of 500 billion Yuan.

However, due to the special advance booking system of the real estate industry, the majority of sales performance of the real estate enterprises can be settled into operating income till the next year, while the operating income is exactly the main basis for the global top 500 ranking, which means that Evergrande’s ranking will also be substantially improved in the next two years.

Take the sales of 373.4 billion in 2016 as an example, the operating income in 2007 will reach more than 350 billion, probably ranking up to 170th around then. The operating income in 2018 will increase to 500 billion Yuan or so, and the ranking will move up to around 90th. Furthermore, the Evergrande’ s business covers real estate, finance, health and culture tourism, and has completed the transformation from “real estate” to “real estate plus service industry’. In the future, its multi industry collaborative development will continue to grow rapidly, which will promote the ranking continue going up.

It is worth noting that since this year, Evergrande, through the implementation of the transition of “scale plus benefit”, introduction of 70 billion Yuan of strategic investment, redemption of all perpetual debts, issuing of low-interest rate and long-term debt, optimization of debt structure and other series of measures, has further strengthened the company’s strength and driven stock prices continue to rise. By the closing time on July 20, Evergrande closed at 17.30 HK dollars, up 8.12%.

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