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Evergrande achieves strategic cooperation with McDonald's (China)

 Date:2017.08.15   Publisher:恒大集团

On August 14th, Evergrande signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with McDonald's (China), Hui KaYan, chairman of the board of Evergrande, Xia Haijun, vice-chairman of the board & president of Evergrande, Shi Shouming, executive vice president of Evergrande & president of Evergrande Real Estate Group, Zhen Litao, executive vice president of Evergrande, Chang Zhenmin, chairman of China CITIC Group, Zhang Youjun, assistant GM of CITIC Group and chairman of CITIC Securities, Sun Deshun, president of CITIC Bank, and Zhang Yichen, chairman of CITIC Capital & chairman of the board of McDonald's (China) attended the signing ceremony.

According to the agreement, McDonald's will open McDonald's restaurants in Evergrande’s nationwide property projects and Evergrande will give priority to McDonald's site selection. The parties will use their respective advantages in brand, scale, cost, network channels, industrial capital and human resources to complement each other and join forces.

Guests attending this event included Shi Junping, Li Guodong, Li Zhi, vice presidents of Evergrande, Guo Danghuai, Yang Yu, vice presidents of CITIC Bank, Chen Xuying, chief inspector of CITIC Bank, Lv Tiangui, president of CITIC Bank Credit Card Center, Zhang Jiayin, CEO of McDonald's (China), Li Weishi, CEO of McDonald's HK and etc.

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