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The Second 63 Projects of Evergrande’s Helping and Supporting Dafang Launched, Du Qinglin Attends and Declares the Commencement of Work

 Date:2016.11.23   Publisher:恒大集团

On 23rd November, the second 63 key projects of Evergrande Group’s helping and supporting Dafangcounty of Bijie city of Guizhou province starts officially, and Du Qinglin, secretariat of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and vice chairman of the CPPCC, and Hui Ka Yan, board chairman of Evergrande Group, Chen Min’er, secretary of Guizhou Provincial Committee of the CPC and director of the Standing Committee of the Guizhou Provincial People's Congress, Sun Zhigang, governor of Guizhou province, Wang Fuyu, chairman of Guizhou provincial CPPCC, attend the event.

On the Spot of Commencement Ceremony

It is reported that Evergrande started to help Dafang county from December1 last year and planed to invest 3 billion yuan in three years without payment to realize the stable poverty removal of the whole 180 thousand poverty people of Dafang county by 2018 through a series of comprehensive measures consisting of industrialization, relocation in other places, employment absorption, education development, starting up business and living assurance of specially impoverished groups. Evergrande has already helped 10,494 families and 39,817 people of Dafang county to realize poverty removal preliminarily up to August31this year and is expected to help another 40,500 people, which completes 45% of the total anti-poverty mission.

On the event of the day, Du Qinglin declares that the second 63 key projects of Evergrande’s helping and supporting Dafang county starts. According to information, Evergrande has already started 40 key projects in a single time in the beginning of this year and the newly started 63 key projects this time includes 40 new villages, 23 important industrialization anti-poverty projects covering vegetables, meat cattle, Chinese medicine materials, economic fruit and woods, and village tourism. Two batches of 103 key projects are scheduled to be accomplished and delivered completely before July 30 of next year.

Hui Ka Yan, Group Board Chairman, Speaks on the Commencement Ceremony of the Second 63 Key Projects

It is reported that Evergrande helps and supports Dafang, insisting on precise anti-poverty by generating strategies depending on specific families and individuals; it provides not only funds, but also, which is  more important, talents, technology, government and ideas, for example, Evergrande’s anti-poverty teams of over3,000 people are constantly stationed in Dafang and launch battles against poverty with local people.

“Industrialization anti-poverty, made according to local situation, is the foundation of everlasting poverty removal. The core of the battles against poverty lies in industry support”, Hui Ka Yan expresses in the speech of the day. With the consideration of local reality, Evergrande has already invested 0.297 billion yuan to develop special industries consisting of vegetables, meat cattle, Chinese medicine materials and economic fruit and woods, and to construct224 bases among which 103 bases has been used, and attracted 27 leading companies in the upstream and downstream, forming the help mode of “leading companies+cooperation societies+poverty families+bases”, realizing the integration management of supplying, production and marketing, and helping people to remove poverty on spot. The annual net per capita income of poverty families working in the vegetable bases is over 4,100 yuan; and that of those working in the meat cattle bases over 4,000 yuan; and that of those working in the Chinese medicine materials bases and in the economic fruit and woods bases over 5,500 yuan.

Commencement Ceremony Spot

On the relocation aspect of anti-poverty, Evergrande constructs new villages with industry support, not only providing basic living articles including home furniture and appliances for poverty families and realizing bag check, but also setting 2 vegetable greenhouses, meat cattle raising and village tourism as “the second industry”, insuring poverty families can “remove poverty and last long”. Two of the first 10 new villages constructed by Evergrande have been resided already and the rest will be gradually resided by the end of march next year.

On other aspects, Evergrande develops the poverty alleviation of education by constructing schools, increasing teachers and setting funds;7,726 people has been absorbed and employed, and nearly 20,000 people realizes poverty removal directly; set venture funds for poverty families and assist 4,211 poverty families to start up business by the forms of subsidies and rewards; the charity hospital, the nursing home and the children welfare center under construction will be delivered before June 30 next year; purchase the commercial insurance of fixed income for 14,140 specially impoverished people and make them remove poverty directly.

In the ceremony speech of the day, Sun Zhigang praises that Evergrande Group helps and supports Dafang county, providing valuable experiences and erecting a glorious model for all kinds of enterprises including private ones involved in battles against poverty and in promoting common prosperity, and leaves a page with thick and heavy colors in the anti-poverty history of China.

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