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Hard work, unselfish contribution, diligent fighting and aggressive exploration.

Evergrande spirit, the ideological achievement and spiritual strength of all employees, receives continuous improvement and sublimation during the enterprise development and helps employees dig out their greatest potential and creativity, connecting their fate closely with that of the Company and thus producing huge cohesive and competitive force.


"Hard work", interpreted through the thrift, simplicity, tenacity and diligence of employees, is the Company's source of power to achieve extraordinary, leapfrog development and one of the Company's excellent traditions.

Unselfish contribution

"Unselfish contribution" is Evergrande's value orientation, embodied through employees' consciousness of master, broad mind, compliance with law, dedication to career, repayment to the society and effort to achieve the mutual progress of individual and enterprise.

Diligent fighting

"Diligent fighting" is spiritual embodiment of Evergrande, symbolized by employees' courage to move forward, seek progress, confront challenges and make contributions.

Aggressive exploration

"Aggressive exploration" is Evergrande's key to success, reflected by employees' willingness to carry forward the tradition, move with the times, make innovation and seek the best quality.

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