Evergrande Tourism Group builds a comprehensive picture for culture tourism, focuses on two leading products that are still blank in the world: "Evergrande Fairyland" and "Evergrande Water World". In addition, Evergrande also develops "Ocean Flower Island" in Hainan, China, a cultural destination appealing to tourists around the world.

Designed for children and teenagers from 2 to 15 years old, Evergrande Fairyland focuses on Chinese culture, Chinese history, and Chinese stories. It integrates the essence of Chinese culture and civilizations around the world, applies recreation facilities and technologies that are the best developed, most popular, and have the most hi-tech features, to build the world's largest and best theme park of fairy tales and myths at the highest level. The overall arrangement of the 15 projects of Evergrande Fairyland has been finished. The Evergrande Fairyland will be a national brand of firm cultural self-confidence, promoting the outstanding traditional Chinese culture.

Evergrande Water World is the world's largest indoor hot spring water park providing all-weather and all-season services. Designed by the first-class professional design teams, the water world is the most popular hot spring water park with the largest scale and best quality in the world.

Evergrande Water World covers hundreds of water recreation sports. It brings fantastic, imaginary and exciting experience with first-class recreation facilities and technologies that are the most advanced, popular, and high-tech in the world, thus building a top recreation resort attracting hundreds of millions of people, as well as a new kingdom outperforming any other hot spring water parks in the world.

The "Ocean Flower Island" is the world's largest flower-shape artificial island for tourism. There are 28 types of business, including the world of fairy tale, the kingdom of snow mountain, the ocean paradise, the garden of rare plants, and upscale hotels. The Island will open in 2020.

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